About Me

"Tell Me Where You Come From, I'll Tell You Who You Are"

Hello dear friends and guests! 
Welcome to my little shop - where my love for nature and creativity combine to form wearable art.
My name is Karla and I am a self-taught jewellery designer. I was born 1980 in Madeira, a beautiful Island only at 600 kilometres from the coast of Morocco discovered in 1419 by Portuguese sailors. Known for its wonderful subtropical climate and breath-taking scenery, with massive mountains, jagged cliffs, lush forests and delightful flower gardens, Madeira was named after its dense laurel forest as: “Island of Woods”.
I try to constantly develop and learn new jewelry creating techniques. Being so closed to Nature and having it surrounding  you with so much greatness makes it impossible not to get influenced and inspired by it.  So, I create jewellery mostly with objects provided by nature - it can be leaves, flowers, seeds, insects and natural stones, which I cover with copper using an electroform method. A process that involves some chemistry and a little bit of magic. 
My jewellrey is designed to be eco-conscious, trendy, durable, and beautiful. We focus on being as green as possible using cruelty free, eco-friendly materials. For that reason one of my favourite materials to work with is Cork it is all that and best of all: it is Portuguese.
Most of my necklaces, bracelets , and brooches are one-of-a-kind creations. I think the best tribute to good jewellery design is a piece that you wear over and over again. When you choose your earrings before you choose your outfit, I know I've got it right.
I don't mass produce, I manage to concentrate on quality and service and most importantly, people. We will never take you for granted and we always invite all feedback, positive or negative. My clients live all over the world! Wherever you are, I am here to help!
Thank you very much to all of you for choosing to shop with LITA STUDIO SHOP.
Some may wonder how my business name came about. As a child, close friends and relatives used to call me  Lita, which is short Karlita, a version of Karla.